Terra Cognita is a design studio that grew up out of the sustainability and green building industry in New York City. Saving the world is tough work, and we make sure that your public materials communicate who you are and the great work that you're doing in your community, country, or around the world.

Terra Cognita offers graphic design services faster, better, and cheaper than the competition and features discounted rates for non-profits and NGOs.

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Corporate Design

Do you need formatted reports, Power Point decks, infographics, or data visualization that will make a strong impression on your audience an communicate the story that you want to tell? Look no further than Terra Cognita!

Curriculum and Training Development

Terra Cognita began creating curriculum materials to teach contractors, architects, and engineers how to construct greener buildings. If you need to take a lot of technical information and put it into a visually attractive but intuitive format that your students can relate to, ask us how we can help!

Animation and Videography

Videos and animations can be a great way to introduce your organization to potential clients, illustrate complex ideas, or increase the social media presence of your brand. Terra Cognita offers the video solutions to meet the demands of your organization.