Drawing Request Challenge #5: A Matryoshka

The person who requested this is fascinated with Russian culture and art, and so asked if I could draw her a matryoshka. Being a bit of a sci-fi nerd, I also thought it would be interesting to apply the traditionally feminine figure to someone who doesn't really conform to that image, Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman into space.

Drawing Request Challenge, #2, 4

Reading the news this morning, I was getting angry about the state of the world so I went a little out of order and did request #4 (an orange with Trump hair).

I also managed to get #2, the Lil' Brudder illustration, done as well. The person who requested this is a physical therapist, so I thought she might appreciate Lil' Brudder getting back on his foot and getting active again. The purpose of this project was to shed on my Photoshop skills, but "sewiouswy"...Homestar Runner deserves the most realistic portrayal possible, and I have to admit, this one was a lot of fun to illustrate.

5 Drawing Request Challenge

From time to time, in order to improve my art skills, I like to practice outside of my comfort zone by getting some randomly-generated ideas. For example, in the past I used a random-word generator on the Internet to spit out a word that I then had to interpret into an image. For this particular project, I went onto Facebook and prompted my network to give me simple ideas of something that they would like drawn and I would do the first five. Here are the results:

1) A penguin wearing a silly hat
2) Lil' Budder (the one-legged dog from the early-aughts webtoon Homestar Runner)
3) Tori Amos playing piano with a parrot (this one might be a little difficult!)
4) An orange with Donald Trump's hair
5) A matryoshka (Russian nesting doll)

I have already completed the first piece, the penguin with a silly hat. The woman who requested it is an outspoken supporter of women's rights and the women's march on Washington was just last week, so I thought it was appropriate to give my penguin a pussy hat and have her demonstrating against our new Cheeto in Chief:

Birbs Against Trump

Birbs Against Trump